My sister dropped by my apartment a few nights ago, and my husband took one look and left for the pub. She was terribly upset with her new husband, so I let her rant on for a half hour about him. Thinking this was just an adjustment spat, I wasn’t paying much attention as she ran down the list of things wrong with him.

She ranted about how he left his plate on the table, he never helped sweep or dust and he thought the bed made itself. He had left her car on empty, and she was upset he hadn’t taken his sports gear out of it. All of that is fairly normal in a new marriage, and then she mentioned that he said she snored. I knew this was a disaster, and I had to help her out.

Growing up, the two of us shared a room until our older brother got his own place. My sister snored, but it was only when she forgot to take her allergy medicine. I had never once mentioned this, so she had no idea how awful it was to sleep in the same room with her sometimes. Experience had taught me to make sure she took her dose, and it had never been an issue between us.

I calmed her down, and told her he was mistaken about the snoring and would learn to help around the house. She didn’t want to go back, but I convinced her it was for the best. As soon as she left, I called her husband and explained about the allergy medicine. He admitted her had brought her a dozen roses to make up for the car being empty and messy, so he promised he’d make sure she took her medicine and never mention snoring ever again. If this is the worst they face, their marriage should last a lifetime.